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Excellent help with my lighting concerns

Ray was so helpful with an ongoing lighting problem that’s been bothering me for a while now. I feel like there’s never a dumb question with Ray which is a breath of fresh air given my experience with some other teachers. Highly recommend.

Old is new!

Hello Ray! Have been collecting your work for 15-18 years now, and am drawn principally to your nudes. I love the human form, particularly women, and you capture an essence that transcends the physical reality of the person being photographed. To date my favorite remand the image of the gal spitting in a chair with her knee drawn up. As an aside, I prefer the platinum prints with the painted emulsion. Understand pricing motivation to photograveure prints, but then only with “square edges” as a personal esthetic.

Am enjoying the most recent print and will be forwarding payment. In gratitude for your art, and professional growth❤️🙏


Lovely photogravure. Subtle gradation of tones. Looks even better than on the screen.

Nirvana in Platinum!

On a recent Saturday morning at my home, I stood over my tray, pouring the potassium oxalate developer over the paper I had just exposed under UV light. As the wonderous image quickly emerged on the paper, my eyes filled with tears of happiness. After taking Ray's platinum workshop, followed by two months of practice-- hours and hours in my studio, I had finally hit the mark with the right combination of contrast and exposure.

The feeling overwhelmed me. In my short experience with "artistic" photography over the past nine years, I had studied the masters: Stieglitz, Steichen, Weston, and others. I had tried every digital filter, every Photoshop plug-in, trying to find the combination needed to replicate platinum/ palladium prints.

Then I found Ray Bidegain. I began a journey of learning. I realized at some point that I could actually make platinum prints, not just approximate their appearance.

After hours in his workshop, and Ray's careful and thoughtful advice and repeated responses to my many questions, I had reached that moment on that Saturday morning, where things all came together.

I'm still diligently learning. Platinum is beautiful for many reasons, but for me it's about the soft, warm tones, the uniqueness of every print (even if made from the same negative!), the vintage feeling and mood, the archival quality, the handmade work, and the connection to those early masters.

Ray is a contemporary master of this photographic art. Those who attend his workshop carry the experience of working with him throughout their art life. I heartily recommend Ray and his workshops!

Winter Trees: An Abstract Landscape

What attracted me to this gravure image was its graphic quality. As a monochrome image maker I regard myself as an abstractionist. Monochrome images, by definition, lack color--which I regard as basically a distracting element. The repetitive rhythm of the trees in winter across "Winter Trees," and their reflection in the water, emphasizes the abstract quality of the scene. As always, Ray's technical execution is flawless.

Introduction to photogravure printmaking
Rita F. Silen
Almost Magic

Having admired Ray's work for years, I was drawn to understand his process taking the image to the paper. I own one of his pieces and enjoy it daily. The texture, the depth, the nuance. As Ray walked me gently through the steps, letting me convert two of my own digital images into gravure prints, I was swept into another time and place. Ray is an accomplished artist and teacher; he made the workshop so interesting. The greeting cards we made together are a delight to share with friends, so much so that I plan to repeat the workshop! I highly recommend this experience.

Wonderful experience!

What a great opportunity to learn from a master of his craft and all around cool human being! Not only that, you’re getting Ray’s undivided attention with his one on one workshop. A wealth of information at an unbeatable price! I for one will be signing up for additional alt-process learning with Ray in the future.

photogravure workshop

I took Ray's Photogravure Workshop and so thankful that I did. He is an amazingly kind, generous and informed instructor. He was thorough in showing me the process and helping me to do it on my own. I am so grateful to have him nearby and will surely take another class in the chine-colle', when I feel I have "mastered" the photogravure process. I had a very positive experience and highly recommend his workshops.

I also have purchased one of his prints. I love the feel, tonality, lighting and how he captures a thoughtful pose. His art is viseral and leaves a lasting impression.

Terrific print

Ray. This is a beautiful print. I really like what you’ve been doing over the last year. Always good to try something new!

Zen Goddess

Ray has nodded to surrealism by portraying this beautiful model in a very peaceful, meditative pose while wearing a hoop skirt common in the late 19th century. As always, the light and technical qualities of the print are exceptional.

Excellent Mentor

I can confidently say I would not be where I am with my work or my business if it weren't for Ray's guidance. His patience and easy going nature makes tackling new concepts and skills feel so manageable. From photographic questions to working with clients, Ray has guided me throughout my 20 year photography career. I am so grateful for Ray's mentorship through the years and would recommend him wholeheartedly for anyone seeking to further their photography skills.


A simple, sweet, elegant offering.
...keep sharing your vision.

Heartfelt Art

Thank you for framing such beauty and soul... truly a valentine for my heart and mind.

Wonderful Piece

What a wonderful piece to have and behold each day! Thank you for your eye, your craft, and your follow-through.

Gorgeous Image

What a gorgeous print I received today! Thank you very much Ray!

Another Lovely Gravure

Ray has clearly mastered the art of the photogravure. The technical aspects of this print including contrast and tonal range are spot on. The moody quality of the pose are brought out by the lighting and costume.

Vintage charm

I love the dark mood of this print. The hat, clothing, lighting and texture of the paper chosen for the print combine to create a perfect vintage look.

Life Changing Mentorship

I could have never imagined how much the trajectory of my photographic career would change after meeting and studying under Ray.

Ray's expertise in multiple photographic processes and concepts alone would qualify him as a valuable mentor... he is a technical master of many types of alternative process photography. What makes Ray truly exceptional as a teacher, however, is the generosity, empathy, and kindness he exhibits when mentoring. He is genuine in his interest in empowering photographers to make artwork, and I have never met someone who so can talk so eloquently about both technique as well as emotion in the photography realm.

After my time studying with Ray, I had the technical knowledge needed to start my own wetplate collodion studio. Ray has always been happy to help whenever I have a question, has helped me source materials, and is generous about passing along opportunities to me.

Do yourself a life-changing favor in investing in a mentorship with Ray. You won't regret it.

Gravure isn't my favorite medium but

I'll make an exception for this one. The medium and the content fit perfectly! Of course, the craftsmanship is Ray's usual flawless! Every time I look at it (it's hanging in my work room) I speculate if it would be more appealing in platinum -- nope, it's the way it should be as is.


it has been a grand journey and I have to say I have enjoyed the ride. All your photographs are priceless. I am one of your biggest fans!

Beautiful Work

I’m really happy that I bought this print – it’s beautiful with exquisite craftsmanship. I can’t wait to get it framed and up on my wall. Bravo Ray!

Very pleased with the photograph.

The best I can say about 'Flight' is that it is even better than I was hoping. There is clear evidence of love, craft and care in the print. It is beautifully made and finished. I took it directly to my framer and I am look ing forward to looking at it, on my wall. Thank you Ray.


Tulips, a photogravure print from an 8-10 negative, The tonal shades are amazing, clarity is everything expected from an 8-10 negative it's a very "casually formal" print. great story to go with it. Well done my friend looking forward to adding to my collection. Bill Hushman WF Hushman photography

Five Trees Sauvie Island

My photogravure print titled
"Five Trees Sauvie Island" is
exquisite. Ray Bidegain is truly a master printer and its quite evident when I look at my now framed print. I couldn't be more pleased and I look forward to expanding my collection.

Bobcat skull #2
Jena Scott
Exceptional image

This is a truly lovely image - soft in feel, yet charged by the choice of subject matter. One of my favorite pieces in my collection.