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Zoom Introduction to photogravure printmaking

Introduction to photogravure printmaking

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   Spend 3 hours at Cascabel Press with Ray Bidegain printing an edition of small prints from your work. Think of small prints or even a great set of handmade greeting cards. Ray will make the printing plate in advance from your digital file so this introduction to printmaking will be all about being on the press and making prints. You can look forward to the following topics:

  • Ink selection, mixing, and preparation
  • Final preparation of your printing plate
  • Tearing paper down and creating a wet pack for printing.
  • Setting up the Takach etching press for photogravure.
  • Inking and wiping the plates
  • Pulling your prints on the press (the best part by far)

My schedule is flexible and I can offer sessions weekdays as well as weekends. Once you have signed up for the session we can look at our calendars and choose dates to work together.

Covid vaccinations and masks will be required for workshops and mentorships

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Do you offer private mentoring at this time

Yes, I am fully vaccinated and accepting students to my studio that are likewise vaccinated

Can we talk about a custom mentorship ?

Yes indeed, I often create workshops that are tailored to the needs and interests of my students, I am able to provide studies in all Alt process photography genres.

Can you mentor me in the making of photographs as well as the processes?

I will look forward to helping you find your way with making photographs of what ever your desire, I can help you do discover that same desire as well.

How about selling work?

Over the years I have explored many venues of commerce for my work and I will gladly share them with you as you decide what is best for your situation.

The Cascabel Press Studio

My darkroom and printmaking studio

for the last 32 years I have worked in the cozy basement of my 110 year old home in Portland Oregon. Your fine prints are made here and are a product of my love of photography and art.

My backyard daylight studio

Where I make pictures

for the last several years I have been making my work in a small daylight studio in my backyard.