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Live with Art

Live with Art
Live with art - Artists make their work for many reasons. Probably different reasons for every artist you ask.  For me, I make photographs because it makes me feel excited and connected to the world around me.  If I am working in the landscape, then I am looking for views that give me a feeling I can only describe as "calm comfort."  I strive to make landscape photographs that can deliver that same feeling to people who view my work. When I am working with a model as my subject, I find myself connected to them in this wonderful way as we collaborate to make a picture that will transcend them and become important to all who view it.  It is still about the person who is sitting, yet I strive to include myself and all the thoughts surrounding the session into the photograph.
The other key for me is to have my art out in the world – to have other people living with my pictures on their walls. It is this connection with my pictures, my art, which is so personal and dear to me, that excites me most. I live with artwork by other artists, and seeing their work gives me peace.  Seeing the pictures reminds me of the maker and how I feel about them, and I end up wondering what they are working on now.  Who and what they are currently thinking about. It matters. I hope that when you collect my work you have a similarly meaningful experience.

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