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The Weekly Edition - The gravures

The Weekly Edition will be a collection of photogravure prints in editions of 10-15 each.  One new photograph printed as a limited edition of polymer photogravure prints, one each week.

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Private release limited prints

The Weekly Edition - Private release represents my work in the figurative. I have worked on these photographs over the years and continue to explore the possibilities.

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New work

This collection includes my latest work from the last few months

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Photogravure prints

Photogravure prints are beautiful and unique and I love them, have a look at what I have been up for the last few years

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Platinum prints

A collection of my work in platinum-palladium metals.

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The Figurative Works

I have for many years worked making photographs with the nude figure playing a role in the narrative of a photographic work.

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Portrait making continues to be a passion for me, I enjoy it so.

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Still Life

One of the classic Genres for artists, the still life.  I often turn to the still life during quiet contemplative times in my life as a way to work on my photography and life at the same time.

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Object of beauty

My series called " Object of Beauty" is a body of work that revolves around the combination of still life and figurative elements. The objects are often small items belonging to the sitter, sometimes they are supplied by me to create a narrative I am interested in suggesting.  I like the play on the word object.

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