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Cascabel Press

Hand pulled photogravure prints / Workshops for photographers

Live with art

Hand pulled photogravure prints

I believe in art

I believe in the soothing nature of beautiful things

I like making things with my hands and the inherent beauty of hand-pulled photogravure prints

I am a purist

I believe that artists have an important role in society

For me, the act of photographing and the process of making prints is a deliberate, contemplative experience

The process is as much a part of the resulting image as the subject itself

Want to learn to make handmade prints

Study Alt. process photography with Ray Bidegain

Workshops and mentoring are a passion of mine, my focus is on your success

Hand Made Objects by Ray Bidegain

Working with Ray has been a significant moment of change for me. He helped me see a better way for my work be accomplished. Among so many things I learned from him, it was a single observation of his that broke down all the other barriers to my progress. In that way, studying with Ray was a very efficient process as well as a rewarding one. However, Ray’s analysis and teaching went much further. So often, we’re told to “make work about things that have meaning to you”; but realizing this goal can be very difficult. Ray led me to realize and communicate what I cared about in a way that others could better understand. One additional result was that my work improved from a technical perspective, as Ray constructively critiqued my work and opened my eyes to possibilities. Ray took the time I needed, diagnosed my abilities as a photographer, and from there built a process for me to work on. He is an exceptional teacher—of which, a key component is being an exceptional listener—and a master of the art of photography. I will continue to work with Ray and strongly recommend his mentoring and workshops to anyone.

Walt Duddington
Atelier Lawerence

Collect art

Fill your life with handmade art

Who is

The Lyceum Portland

Please join me as I host print sharing events and artists interviews at The Lyceum Portland, All sessions are free and open to the public. Come spend some time with a community of thoughtful artists. show work or simply take part in the conversation.