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Fine Photographs in Photogravure and Platinum metals

The Weekly Edition gravures

I believe in art

I believe in the soothing nature of beautiful things

I like making things with my hands and the inherent beauty of hand-pulled photogravure prints

I am a purist

I believe that artists have an important role in society

For me, the act of photographing and the process of making prints is a deliberate, contemplative experience

The process is as much a part of the resulting image as the subject itself

Want to learn to make handmade prints

Study Alt. process photography with Ray Bidegain

Workshops and mentoring are a passion of mine, my focus is on your success

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Fill your life with handmade art


Why alternative process

There is nothing so fine as the handmade art object

Growing up I was a kid who liked making things with my hands. Later as a photographer I was primarily using black and white film and making gelatin silver prints in my darkroom. Along the way I discovered the work of Irving Penn and later his beautiful platinum prints. The year I turned 40 I learned to make platinum prints and did that almost exclusively for 20 years. These days I am making hand pulled photogravure prints and find them both beautiful and a joy to make. It is that joy and beauty that I believe makes hand-made work so important.

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Who is the

The Lyceum Portland

Please join me as I host print sharing events and artists interviews at The Lyceum Portland, All sessions are free and open to the public. Come spend some time with a community of thoughtful artists. show work or simply take part in the conversation.

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