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Unique & Beautiful Print

An absolutely beautiful print, which arrived quickly and safely packaged to the UK.


The matting was fine but in the future I would ask for 16X20 matting in order to more easily find a stock frame.

Great equipment

The Toto film holders are just what I needed and are in great shape. I am always confident that I will get good quality equipment when I buy from Ray Bidegain at Cascabel Press.

Better than expected

I regularly look over your work. So many compelling images I usually find myself unable to make a decision about purchasing. Over time the image of Clifford solidified as a choice. The simplicity, with the closed eyes conveying a feeling of serenity and calm. Having it framed as I write. Thank you.

Another Winner!

The more of Ray’s photogravures that I add to my collection, the less I miss his Platinum prints (which I love); as always, exquisite workmanship!

Custom Matting

I really appreciate the option of having Ray's prints custom matted. Receiving a matted print really enhances the appearance--prints are meant to be displayed, after all, not stored away in a box. A matted print is one step closer to a framed print to be shared with others. That's, after all, what art is all about.

Beauty Embraced!

The soft, warm tones... the light through the window... the moment captured...

The beautiful print, "Portrait of Catriona" reflects another era, another feeling, an ethereal moment of perfection. The fine gravure print is remarkable, and lovely! It will join several other of Ray's prints in my gallery. I highly recommend engaging yourself with Ray's work.


As a fellow gravure-maker I can tell you that it's extremely difficult to capture the full tonal range of a continuous tone image with this technique. Ray does it consistently. My usual genre for my own work is the nude. But I'm also attracted to abstract work and "Five" has this Zen quality to it that appeals to me greatly. There is a peacefulness about it. The color of the ink Ray mixed is exquisite and isn't fully captured by the image on his web site. This image has really inspired me to look further into the realm of making abstract gravures.

Love Ray's Work!!

Ray Bidegain's photogravure print titled, "Breath" is one of my favorites of the many of his photos that I've purchased from him over the years. In fact, I might buy another for a's a classic!! Russ

Much more details in real life! Absolutely stunning!
Thank you.

Very productive sessions.

These are great sessions. I really like being able to work together to identify/verify goals for the one-on-one and then focus on solutions to meet them. Very productive indeed!

Wonderful, patient teacher

I really appreciate Ray’s extensive knowledge and patience as a teacher. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn any of the techniques he teaches.

Received order

Everything arrived in perfect condition!

Tranquility and mighty

I’ve sat beside the “Mighty Willamette “ with Ray…. Yet never so far have met either until I acquire this print!

Brilliant Photo/Print

It's so nice to own a handmade print nowadays when a lot of other artists are using inkjet to produce and sell their work. That's why I love Ray's work, he's committed to keep time honored alternate processes alive.

a most beautiful photograph


Portrait of a daydreamer

Beautiful print! Just got it back from the framers and hung it.

Custom Mats

The hand cut mats perfectly finish the prints and photographs. The materials you use help preserve the art and make it easy to frame.

Great Training

Ray's studio is very cool. I think it is a great experience to visit this studio once in your life and experience the printing process.
Ray's teaching method is clear and professional. He teaches even complete beginners with great care. He is also open minded to new methods and approaches, and I was able to work with him on new artistic endeavors.

The Art and science of platinum printing for large format photographers March 25th, 2023
William Kirby
Workshop well done!

I really enjoyed learning and practicing the art and science of the processs. After Ray explained and demonstrated platinum printing we were thrown in to the “deep end” to make our first print. While it was a bit little scary to get right into it Ray guided and encouraged as we learned and practiced. Time flew by and by the end of tthe workshop I was amazed at the prints I was able to make - my expectations were exceeded. Thanks so much!

Excellent help with my lighting concerns

Ray was so helpful with an ongoing lighting problem that’s been bothering me for a while now. I feel like there’s never a dumb question with Ray which is a breath of fresh air given my experience with some other teachers. Highly recommend.

Old is new!

Hello Ray! Have been collecting your work for 15-18 years now, and am drawn principally to your nudes. I love the human form, particularly women, and you capture an essence that transcends the physical reality of the person being photographed. To date my favorite remand the image of the gal spitting in a chair with her knee drawn up. As an aside, I prefer the platinum prints with the painted emulsion. Understand pricing motivation to photograveure prints, but then only with “square edges” as a personal esthetic.

Am enjoying the most recent print and will be forwarding payment. In gratitude for your art, and professional growth❤️🙏


Lovely photogravure. Subtle gradation of tones. Looks even better than on the screen.

The Art and science of platinum printing for large format photographers April 15th, 2023
Walt Duddington/ Atelier Lawrence
Nirvana in Platinum!

On a recent Saturday morning at my home, I stood over my tray, pouring the potassium oxalate developer over the paper I had just exposed under UV light. As the wonderous image quickly emerged on the paper, my eyes filled with tears of happiness. After taking Ray's platinum workshop, followed by two months of practice-- hours and hours in my studio, I had finally hit the mark with the right combination of contrast and exposure.

The feeling overwhelmed me. In my short experience with "artistic" photography over the past nine years, I had studied the masters: Stieglitz, Steichen, Weston, and others. I had tried every digital filter, every Photoshop plug-in, trying to find the combination needed to replicate platinum/ palladium prints.

Then I found Ray Bidegain. I began a journey of learning. I realized at some point that I could actually make platinum prints, not just approximate their appearance.

After hours in his workshop, and Ray's careful and thoughtful advice and repeated responses to my many questions, I had reached that moment on that Saturday morning, where things all came together.

I'm still diligently learning. Platinum is beautiful for many reasons, but for me it's about the soft, warm tones, the uniqueness of every print (even if made from the same negative!), the vintage feeling and mood, the archival quality, the handmade work, and the connection to those early masters.

Ray is a contemporary master of this photographic art. Those who attend his workshop carry the experience of working with him throughout their art life. I heartily recommend Ray and his workshops!

Winter Trees: An Abstract Landscape

What attracted me to this gravure image was its graphic quality. As a monochrome image maker I regard myself as an abstractionist. Monochrome images, by definition, lack color--which I regard as basically a distracting element. The repetitive rhythm of the trees in winter across "Winter Trees," and their reflection in the water, emphasizes the abstract quality of the scene. As always, Ray's technical execution is flawless.