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Keep on - Keeping on

I have been thinking this last week about why I make photographs and what keeps me going forward and making new work. For years I have realized and talked about just how fragile the artmaking inspiration can be, because of this I have always nurtured and protected my passion. I am not an artist with a driving urge to make pictures arising from a deep need to show the world my innermost thoughts and ideas.  I love photography, it is my chosen career, so for me I have always seen my photography as the work I do, my life's work. I am one of the lucky folks who has always enjoyed my job and my life as a photographer.  This...

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On the road again - Traveling and photographing

On the road again Travel photography can be thought of in a couple of ways, making photographs to encourage travel to a destination, and making photographs while traveling.  My only experience is with the latter.  What struck me right away when I traveled to Scotland for 3 weeks in 2009 was the idea that all my daily responsibilities at home were no longer on my mind.  I got up early each day with my only agenda being photography.  At first, I was feeling anxious and a bit unclear of where to go and what to photograph, fortunately, I was on a loose assignment and my localhost spent many days driving me about and photographing along with me.  I realize that...

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It has long been my opinion that photography was made for the portrait.  I have no way to back up this claim historically, just a feeling I have always had. I find portrait photography to be a fascinating genre, both as a maker and someone who enjoys looking at fine photographs. Early in my career I was a retail photographer, chasing kids and families around my studio all in the name of the family portrait.  Later as a fine art photographer the portrait continues to be an important part of my work. 

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