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Paris 2022 - Les Invalides

Paris 2022 - Les Invalides

The Grand Scale

I am absolutely amazed by the grand scale of some of the places we visited, I try to imagine a time when projects like theses were somewhat common place. On this trip to Paris I was both a tourist, and a photographer and I was happy to find that I could do both well. The tourist in me was fascinated by the history of Paris and culture that I was being steeped in each day. I was lucky to be traveling with Kathleen, she had spent the 6 weeks before we left Portland reading history books and learning about Paris. It was like I had my own docent at my side. I have spoken many times at workshops about the idea that it is ok to take time when traveling to do our photography. On this trip I would carry my Roleiflex on my shoulder when Kathleen and I were out together, and on other occasions I would go out on my own with the 4x5 Linhof. Mostly for me it was about if we were planning to go inside of a public space or not when it came to choosing how I was going to work. I will admit that walking 5-7 miles a day carrying my camera gear was a bit of a test, not to mention the 3rd floor walk up when we got home at the end.

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