Nostalgia   - Polymer photogravure print - The Weekly Edition

Ray Bidegain Studio

Nostalgia - Polymer photogravure print - The Weekly Edition

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I feel a bit funny about using the word nostalgia to describe the feelings I have about things from the past I never myself experienced.  Still, this odd word best speaks to me about why I am so drawn to images and ideas from the time before I was born. My favorite model for this work Devon showed up with the hat and I had borrowed my mother's stole.  It was perfect and I made this picture with my 8x10 camera and a petzval lens from the 1870s. 

This hand-pulled polymer photogravure print by Ray Bidegain is in an edition of just 8 numbered prints and 2 A/P prints.  Features Hahnemuhle copperplate paper with Charbonnel black 55981and warm sepia inks, + dash of Charbonnel sanguine ink. I chose to use a chine collé with Awagami Kitakata tissue.

  • Hand made by Ray Bidegain
  • 7 x 9 on an 11x15 sheet.
  • chine collé
  • Signed, numbered, and dated by the artist on the lower front. 
  • Limited edition of 8