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Nostalgia - Polymer photogravure print - The Weekly Edition


I feel a bit funny about using the word nostalgia to describe the feelings I have about things from the past I never myself experienced.  Still, this odd word best speaks to me about why I am so drawn to images and ideas from the time before I was born. My favorite model for this work Devon showed up with the hat and I had borrowed my mother's stole.  It was perfect and I made this picture with my 8x10 camera and a petzval lens from the 1870s. 

This hand-pulled polymer photogravure print by Ray Bidegain is in an edition of just 8 numbered prints and 2 A/P prints.  Features Hahnemuhle copperplate paper with Charbonnel black 55981and warm sepia inks, + dash of Charbonnel sanguine ink. I chose to use a chine collé with Awagami Kitakata tissue.

  • Hand made by Ray Bidegain
  • 7 x 9 on an 11x15 sheet.
  • chine collé
  • Signed, numbered, and dated by the artist on the lower front. 
  • Limited edition of 8

Photogravure print made in 2022 from an 8x10 negative made in 2018 by Ray Bidegain.

All Cascabel prints are hand-pulled by Ray Bidegain and are signed and numbered on the lower front. Image and paper sizes are approximate, Variations within the edition are possible and expected.

Numbered edition or A/P printsNumbered Edition prints

Nostalgia - Polymer photogravure print - The Weekly Edition

$105.00 USD

Customer Reviews

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Another Lovely Gravure

Ray has clearly mastered the art of the photogravure. The technical aspects of this print including contrast and tonal range are spot on. The moody quality of the pose are brought out by the lighting and costume.

JC Elliott
Vintage charm

I love the dark mood of this print. The hat, clothing, lighting and texture of the paper chosen for the print combine to create a perfect vintage look.


Are the Photogravure prints matted

Matting is not included with the photogravure prints but can be provided at an extra cost.

What is the best way to display a photogravure print.

Most often work by printmakers is displayed utilizing a float frame technique available from most custom frame shops.

Will you make an edition of photogravure prints of my photograph.

I sometimes do this service please get in contact and we can talk about what you have in mind.

Can you custom plan a mentorship to my needs?

Your success is my goal and I have experience teaching many topics of photography, I am happy to make a program that fits your needs.


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For the last five years I have started working on making photogravure prints, polymer plate photogravure prints, to be specific. I worked on it, decided I wanted to make a change and make a commitment to working as a printmaker making photogravure prints. You all know me as a person who likes handmade photography. Handmade objects are at the heart of my photographic journey and printmaking is all of that, and more.

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