Afternoon Oaks - Polymer photogravure print - Edition 2021

Ray Bidegain Studio

Afternoon Oaks - Polymer photogravure print - Edition 2021

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  For the first half of my career as a photographer, I never worked in the landscape. Starting around 2005 I became interested in photographing landscapes, I had some friends with plenty of experience in the genre. These friends were kind enough to take me with them and share what they knew about making pictures outside. At one point I asked my friend what he thought was the hardest part in the process, he said, " Dealing with you"....

  As I sorted my own way I found myself looking for pictures that communicated a comforting sense of calm to myself and the viewer, a small bit of beauty among the chaos. 

This hand-pulled polymer photogravure print is made with Gamblin stiff bone black and sepia ink, with a dash of Charbonnel sanguine ink on Arches 88 paper. I printed an edition of 10 numbered prints and 2 A/P prints. 

  • Hand-pulled print by Ray Bidegain
  • Limited edition of 8
  • 6.5 x 7.5 on an 11x15 sheet.
  • Signed numbered and dated by the artist on the lower front. 

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