Used Books Edinburgh - photogravure print - Edition 2021

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Used Books Edinburgh - photogravure print - Edition 2021

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I am always attracted to used book stores. it must be because of the endless possibilities of great and mysterious books you might find and never see in a new book store. Little volumes of beauty just waiting for you to take home and add to the shelf.  When I was traveling in Scotland for the second of Two photography commissions in 2011 I came across a store on a back street in Edinburgh away from the " mile" and all that comes along with tourist areas. It was quiet, intriguing, and calling to me while I set up my 8x10 camera and made this picture. 


This hand-pulled photogravure print is made with Gamblin bone black and sepia ink, with a dash of Charbonnel sanguine ink on Hahnemühle copperplate paper. I printed an edition of just 7 numbered prints and 2 A/P prints. 

  • Hand-pulled print by Ray Bidegain
  • Limited edition of 7
  • 6.0 x 7.5 on an 11x15 sheet.
  • Signed numbered and dated by the artist on the lower front. 

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