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My week with social media, maybe a turning point

My week with social media, maybe a turning point

You may have noticed that I have had a complicated week here at Cascabel Press. First my long established Instagram account was hacked on Monday and taken over by a fool trying to sell y'all on crypto. I am very sorry for any DM's you may have received from these folks and apologies for the violation of our community. I am currently locked out and may never get my profile back.

I will admit that this has caused me some grief and a reason to think about my relationship to social media. Like many of you, I do enjoy the community of like minded artists I find on IG but wonder about the amount of time it commands. I have been on Flickr for many years and will be engaged on that platform for the future. I find it to be only about photography without all the rest and advertising. If you would like to join me on Flicker you can find me here.



I am sorry to read about the hack. Does this mean that any messages I have received from "you’ via Instagram after Jan 2023 are fake? I have received a few where I was urged to vote for you via a link (these links never came so no harm done).
Truly depressing world we live in.


Hey Ray, first— I love the “new- old” blog and website. Awesome!

You know if you always have low expectations, you’ll never be disappointed… haha. IG is a vast wasteland of swipe ups, never honestly connecting with the artist’s work. But it is a channel that is relatively inexpensive in terms of $$$, yet costly in terms of time and aggravation. I have chosen to relegate it to only friends and family.

On the other hand, Flickr is great as a community of photographers without the constant ads and reels of IG. Because of its multiple opportunities to curate your own work and the work of others, it has more contemplative value. In the matter of a few weeks, it has become my go-to resource. Thanks for the tip!

Fear not, I understand Bitcoin will stage a comeback!! Hang on!! (joking)



so glad you will continue to share your work on flickr, ray. perhaps little consolation, but i do believe we will see a great number of artists begin to abandon the realm of social media in the near future… for reasons like this, and more. your work deserves more attention than the casual three-second double tap, and i look forward to engaging with it more deeply on a platform designed to uplift the work of true photographers.


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