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New Work - The Dilemma

New Work - The Dilemma

Today I am wondering how many of you struggle with the making of new work. In my case I have around 100 new negatives for my trip to Paris, and that is a good thing. A great thing in fact. The trouble starts as I go through the work and think about what I want to print, which of the negatives call out. I am able to sort them and make choices, but then the dilemma begins.

Because this is new work, and a bit of a departure from my usual subjects, the pictures don't feel right somehow. I tell my students that this is about time, the time between the experience of making the photographs and printing them is too short. My memory is still fresh with the feelings of the place and the experience and the print does not measure up to the feeling. Experience tells me that after a bit of time I will see the work as mine and realize it is from my heart and will be a part of my catalog.

All that being said I would like very much to solve this need for waiting and wonder how the rest of you handle making new work. Is this issue familiar to y'all ?

Be well,

Ray Bidegain

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I very much agree, for me, the waiting seems to allow the work to settle in my mind allow me to revisit at a later point to see if the compositions still resonate with me. The issue i always have (especially after 100 negs) is feeling the need to have the work connect to one another. I dont think it needs to but i feel it has to in some way. This causes me to feel the work goes nowhere

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