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Why I love portrait photography

Why I love portrait photography

Making portrait photographs is likely my most heartfelt connection to photography. I spent the first half of my photographic career operating a retail portrait studio chasing kids and family’s around my studio. I believe the portrait maybe the finest use of the medium of photography for so many reasons and I’ve been told it is my best skill as an artist. These days I strive to make portraits that are meaningful beyond the identity of the sitter, when this is accomplished the viewer relates to the photograph even when they do not know the person portrayed. This goal is a direct result of a comment I received from a well know portrait photographer Judy Dater. Many, many years ago I attended a workshop with Ms Dater and when I showed her some work I was extremely proud of she said ” These portraits do not transcend the identity of the sitter “.

Now days my portraits are as much about me the maker, as they are about the subject, the sitter. I like it this way and the work is meaningful to me and a joy to make.

As always I welcome and encourage you to join the conversation and let’s see if we can build some community here.

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